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Fair Use Policy

Last updated: 18 April 2019

Here at Award Force we believe in helping you, our clients, achieve your objectives as best we can. We know that often, growth is a key objective, and we have many features to support that. With growth objectives in mind, we’ve taken the extraordinary step of removing most limits on our subscription plans. We want you to grow your program without arbitrary volume constraints on the plan you choose.

In practice, we also need to ensure that excessive use by some clients does not negatively and unfairly impact other clients. Through this Fair Use Policy, we reserve the right to require your account be upgraded to a higher plan if your use is considered unfairly excessive for the plan you are currently on.

We define unfairly excessive as any account using more than five times the average of all active accounts on the same plan, in any of the following measures:

  • Submissions (entries that have been submitted in the trailing twelve months)

  • Fields (quantity of active fields in the currently active season)

  • File capacity (total data volume of all stored files uploaded in the trailing twelve months)

We will always inform you of excessive use and the need to upgrade your plan before taking the action to upgrade your account and invoice for the higher plan.